> Annals > 2012 > Med Cruise > Good
> Annals > 2012 > Med Cruise > Good
Good photos from our Mediterranean cruise
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 Anti-land mine activists have installed this huge chair in Geneva.   Its left-front leg has been decimated by a normal-size land mine.  Here is Susan near an exhibit of a break in CERN&s LHC ring. The two brass discs that form the "eyes"   in  the end of the tube are the cross section of the two actual accelerator tubes,  one in each direction.  Particles travel in a penny-sized hole through these tubes.  Our waitress at the Edelweiss fondue restaurant in Geneva. The fondue and music were both great. Touristy, but great.  Cacti in the well-heated botanical garden, Geneva Cacti in the well-heated botanical garden, Geneva  Looking down into a huge fern at the tropical conservatory of Geneva&s botanical garden
 Fred and Susan outside Basilica San Marco, Venice. Though varied in color, the column choices are left-right symmetric.  Checking out the Stations of the Cross by Giandomenico Tiepolo in S. Polo Church, Venice  Ponte Di Rialto, the bridge of shops. One of the two bridges over the Grand Canal, Venice.  At the entrance to Piazza San Marco in Venice the lancer stands atop a pillar returned   as spoils of the Crusades from Constantinople. The Doge&s Palace is at the right.  Shops line the paths to Ponte di Rialto, Venice
 Vibrant balcony flowers, Plaka, Athens  Zeus or Poseidon or somebody; scuplted ca 480 BCE and now on display in the National Archealogical Museum of Athens  The Parthenon from its gateway atop the acropolis of Athens  Presenting a baby to its mother, bas relief in the National Museum, Athens  Shopping in Plaka, Athens
 The Memmius Monument, Ephesus. The inner arch depicts Medusa.  The odeon, used for political meetings, is ignored by a lazing cat in Ephesus  Early flush toilets enhanced communal life. Slaves were sent to warm them for the upper classes.  Nike, goddess of victory, is holding laurel leaves to bestow upon a winner in Ephesus  The performance theater in Ephesus seats twenty-four thousand
 Church of Hagia Eirene, Topkapi Palace, Istanbul  Entering Hagia Sophia; first a cathedral, then a mosque, now a museum  Inside view of the third dome of Hagia Sophia. The first two domes collapsed and were buried where they fell, raising the floor level by 40 centimeters.  Lunchtime in Istanbul  Urns in Hagia Sofia, Istanbul
 All buildings in Mykonos are white because they used to whitewash with gypsum to kill microbes  Mykonos port  Calamari in Mykonos  Monk at Monastery of Panagia Tourliani, Mykonos  Sunset as we leave the port of Mykonos
 Lighthouse on the jetty, port of Naples. From ground to beacon tip is about 22 meters.  Not-so-modest family home in Naples  Perhaps this was this a conversation pit in Pompei  Top and bottom column tiers at the temple of Apollo in Pompei remind us that many of the buildings were two-story  Dolls for sale in Sorrento
This next row is courtesy of Bruce Dewald, from Colorado
 At the cameo factory (i.e., salesroom)  Naples from Vesuvius  Vesuvius from the bus  Climbing Vesuvius; the opposite wall and the basin floor are left from the Pompei explosion  The crater from the more recent explosion
 Italian Artichoke await diners on Via del Pastini in Rome  Trevi fountain in central Rome; it is the facade of a building now housing a graphics institute  Keeping a watchful eye on the crowds at the Colosseum  Modern street sign near Trevi Fountain, Rome  The pantheon, now a Christian church; walls six meters thick to hold the weight of the dome
 Two  photographers, one trick; holding up the tower of Pisa  Pisa: Baptistry, Cathedral, Tower; the separate baptistry is essential since none unbaptised can enter the Cathedral  Birds perching on toes, Pisa  Reflection of Ponte Vecchio, Florence  Detail of Wall Sculpti\ure, Florence&s Duomo Cathedral
 Corre de Calatrava, communications tower for 1992 Olympics, Barcelona  Magic Fountain of Montjuic from the front of Museu Nacional d&Art de Catalunya (MNAC), Barcelona  Gateway arch to Barcelona Port  Tibidabo Cathedral del Sagrat Cor and an amusement park on Tibidabo Mountain overlooking Barcelona  Posing in Mies van der Rohe pavillion, Barcelona
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