> Annals > 2012 > Med Cruise > ItalyII
> Annals > 2012 > Med Cruise > ItalyII
Italy - Susan's picks from Rome, Florence, Pisa
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Rome - Trevi fountain, the Colosseum, and the Vatican
 The Roman Colosseum  Trevi fountain  Trevi fountain detail; Rome  Gladiator (Euro bait) at Trevi fountain, Rome  Italian Artichoke await diners on Via del Pastini in Rome
 The pantheon, now a Christian church; walls six meters thick to hold the weight of the dome  Inside the Pantheon, Rome  Dramatic bas relief in the Pantheon of Rome  Arches incorporated in the wall of Rome&s Pantheon help support the massive dome  Area Sacra; intermittent excavation depends on funding
 Arch of Constantine with Palatine Hill--home of Nero and other emperors--to the left and the Colosseum to the right  Nero&s house; from which he persecuted Christians to blame them for his fire that burned Rome  Keeping a watchful eye on the crowds at the Colosseum  Entering the Colosseum, Rome  Inside the Colosseum. Originally there was a wooden floor covered with sand, like that on the left. The Italian word for sand is "arena," hence the English word.
 Rooms beneath the Colosseum floor housed trainers, competitors, animals, etc. Elevators brought them to the arena floor. The covered section at the far end shows where seating wouild have been. Capacity was 55,000--less than most modern football stadia.  Bricks formed decorative motifs throughout the Colosseum  The Vatican Museum courtyard. Each of the signs is a station where a guide is explaining the Sistine Chapel.  Inside the Vatican Museum  One of the many galleries to be traversed to attain the Sistine Chapel; statuary seems to exceed paintings
 Statuary on a table in the Vatican Museum  The map gallery; forty excellent maps of Italian regions created without modern tools  Ceiling in the Vatican Museum&s Map Gallery; the pictures are unique throughout, but the shape pattern repeats  The ceiling done, Michaelangelo went on to paint The Last Judgment on the west wall of the Sistine Chapel  Besides God and Adam, the center row of the Sistine Chapel ceiling depicts the seven days of creation and other scenes from Genesis
 Only the Pope says mass under this, the largest bronze casting in the world, in St. Peters, Vatican City  The dome of Saint Peters has more light and decoration than the bigger dome in the Pantheon.  Susan climbed to the top - in 1966!
Florence and Pisa - the tower and Duomo Cathedral
 Pisa: Baptistry, Cathedral, Tower.  A separate baptistry is essential since no one unbaptised can enter the Cathedral  Tower and Cathedral are together on Pisa&s town square  Two  photographers, one trick; holding up the tower of Pisa  If this is the tower, it must be Pisa  The circle of life; bas relief in Pisa Cathedral
 Uffizi Palace, Florence  Gelateria in Florence  Birds perching on famous toes, Pisa (copy of the original)  Grisly sculptures of mythology in Uffizi Courtyard, Florence  Birds perching on toes, Florence
 Reflection of Ponte Vecchio, Florence  Susan&s sweetest smile; in front of Ponte Vecchio, Florence  Looking up the Arno River above the Ponte Vecchio  Mountain view from the Arno Riverbank, Florence  Tower and Duomo Cathedral in Florence
 Detail of Duomo, Florence  Main door of Florence&s Duomo Cathedral  Detail of Wall Sculpti\ure, Florence&s Duomo Cathedral  Stained glass inside the Duomo
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