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> Annals > 2012 > Med Cruise > Turkey
Turkey - Susan's picks from Ephesus and Istanbul
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Ephesus - ancient Roman port - a destination for St. Paul's letters
 Local pilot boats; required as cruise ships move in or out of port  The odeon, used for political meetings, is ignored by a lazing cat in Ephesus  Remains of the old Roman aqueduct in Ephesus  View of Turkish farms on old seabed;  Ephesus was an active port before the river silted up  Nike, goddess of victory, is holding laurel leaves to bestow upon a winner in Ephesus
 Early season crowds are tolerable. Here we descend toward the library in Ephesus.  The Memmius Monument, Ephesus. The inner arch depicts Medusa and her snakes  Early flush toilets enhanced communal life as well as sanitation. Slaves were sent to warm them for the upper classes.  Dignified cat graces the outhouse, Ephesus  The library in Ephesus is reminiscent of the library facade at Petra, but this one held scrolls and was once the third largest collection in the world.
 Excavation and restoration continue throughout Ephesus. Only 15% is yet uncovered.  Manhole cover. This Ephesian street boasts a still-viable sewer.  Stones in Ephesus were joined in some places with iron rods and in others with lead.  The latter was mined by rebels to form bullets.  This flat area at the lower, port-side, end of the street was the marketplace agora in Ephesus  Roman theaters everywhere have lost their stages. Ephesus is where this stage isn&t.
 The performance theater in Ephesus seats twenty-four thousand.  Elton John performed here.  Our Ephesus guide Tahir points out a feature of the ancient port, now silted in.  Egyptian dancers in the "spectacle" staged by Norwegian Cruise Lines in Ephesus.  Also gladiators, soldiers, musicians  Our cruise line staged a "spectacle" to show us ancient times in Ephesus; here Caesar welcomes Cleopatra  A Corinthean capital with iron rod in Ephesus
 Part of a brick chimney still standing in Ephesus
Istanbul - Topkapi palace, Hagia Sophie, and shopping
 On land in European Istanbul: the Turkish flag at the Ataturk monument, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia (Sacred Wisdom), and the Blue Mosque. On the waters of the Bosphorus: three of the myriad ferries, fishing boats, a yacht  The Blue Mosque and its six minarets, Istanbul. The more minarets, the greater degeree of social services the mosque offers.  One minaret of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul  Church of Hagia Eirene, the Ottomans& Topkapi Palace, Istanbul  Panorama of the Golden Horn from  patio of the Topkapi Palace, Istanbul
 Entering Hagia Sophia; first a cathedral, then a mosque, now a museum  Inside view of the third dome of Hagia Sophia. The first two domes collapsed and were buried where they fell, raising the floor level by 40 centimeters.  Huge urn for drinking water inside Hagia Sophia, Istanbul  Icon over door to Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: Constantine and Justinian at the sides of Theodokos, the mother of God, holding a baby Jesus with an adult face.  Minaret of Hagia Sofia museum, Istanbul
 Urns in Hagia Sofia, Istanbul  Susan adds a knot to a carpet at a shop in Istanbul  The rug merchant makes his pitch in Istanbul.  Hand-knotted carpets take years of labor.  Shop of blue and other ceramics in the largest covered bazaar in the world; Istanbul  One side aisle in Istanbul&s bazaar
 Mom helping her daughter buy leather boots in Istanbul  High-style boots in Istanbul bazaar  Lunchtime in Istanbul  Moderen Moslem Woman in turkey sporting shades, drinking coffee, talking on cell phone, and smoking
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