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> Annals > 2018 > Bermuda
Bermuda for our Fiftieth
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For our fiftieth wedding anniversary the whole Family took a cruise to Bermuda. Daughters Ellyn and Rebecca, their spouses Devin and Derek,
 Rebecca preparing to venture forth into the afternoon sun from our stateroom
 Meg and I shot each other
 The view of Bermuda from our stateroom
 The family on our balcony. L. to r.: Derek, Rebecca, Meg, Lindsay, Joann, Fred, Susan, Ellyn, Isley, with Schenley and Isley in front. Devin was elsewhere. 
 The harbor from a child's perspective. Taken by Schenley.
 Meg showing Lindsay how to use Meg's camera. Starboard corner of bridge in the upper right.
 Derek and Fred relax on the balcony while Joann talks
 Schenley shoots grandpa
 Schenley shoots Joann
 Derek relaxes
 Schenley explains to Joann
 One of the clever creations at the fruit carving demonstration
 The lighthouse
 Rothschilds estate
 Re-enacting the punishment for nagging
 Tobacco Beach, great snorkeling
 Oldest house in Bemuda; after one-too-many hurricanes, Bermudians ceased building wooden houses
 Another beach
 Horseshoe Bay Beach
 Our ship with our stateroom location marked "US"
 The clock tower in the Royal Navy Yards near where we docked
 Schenley turned herself into a mouse
 Rebecca and Joann bundled up against a cold wind on the balcony
 Meg wielding a phone instead of her usual SLR
 Cousins Schenley and Lindsay enjoying Froot Loops
 And so our sojourn fades to black
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