> Annals > 2018 > MomInterment
> Annals > 2018 > MomInterment
Laying Mom's ashes to rest
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Although Mom died over a year ago, her ashes were made available only this spring. In the interim she got accepted to Duke medical school and helped educate future physicians. This occasion was the interment of mom's ashes next to dad's by the pond at the Wicke Health Center, Shelton, Connecticut.
 Nancy and Martha, formerly Amrheins, with Nancy's husband
 Jody Cross-Hansen, Anne Carroll, Alan Cross-Hansen, and Walter Carroll at the pre-service reception
 Ellyn reads to great grand-daughter Isley
 Donna Hansen talks to Susan and Joann
 The children, Fred, Meg, and Joann carrying what's left of Mom
 Meg, Joann, and Fred at Mom's interment
 Fred and Meg chat with one of the guests after the interment
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