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> pictools > doc > dirbar
Pictools: Physpics Page Pieces
V3.3 (435)
The logo and backlinks row for Physpics pages; a suitable value for toprow or bottomrow properties
usage, in Pictools.properties: page.toprow: /library/dirbar.php

Dirbar creates the row above that has the logo , the row of uplinks, and the searchbox.

Before writing its contents, dirbar checks $sp->errorURL. It will have been set if an erroneous URL was directed to a subdirectory of the current page. If errorURL is set, dirbar includes box404.php to display a red box with an error message atop the window.

The uplink directories follow the logo. They are computed by forPhyspics:getbarelts which consults the properties of each directory to find the name to display for that directory.

Mouseover highlighting of the uplink names is handled by methods in scripts.js.
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