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Pictools: Pictools Concepts
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Properties Overview
Overview of how properties are defined and accessed
This note is an overview. For the defined properties, see /Pictools.properties.

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Properties for the default page layout
as given in /Pictools.properties

Property definitions in Pictools are are multilingual and inherited. Properties for a directory are defined in its Pictools.properties file. This file is processed by propcon to produce properties files for Makefiles, shell scripts, and programming languages. Via inheritance, the defaults for many properties come from /Pictools.properties.

For details on writing Pictools.properties files, see the documentation for propcon. Also there you will find the override priorities for the various ways to define properties. The first encountered definition of a variable overrides any later definition. In a given directory, propcon starts scanning its local Pictools.properties.Then it scans the same file in parent directories until reading /Pictools.properties. Finally it scans $HOME/Pictools.properties, and $PICTOOLS/Pictools.properties so that defaults can be specified per-user or for all users..

$sp->getprop("x.size ");
Using property x.size
in three languages

On the source platform, MakeVars calls propcon to update Pictools.mkinc, which it then imports. On the server, php code gets properties from Pictools.php via functions in SiteProps.php. Propcon is not run for each page fetch, but only when Pictools.php is absent. To force a rebuild of Pictools.php, the old one must be deleted; usually via the command page button Rebuild dir/**/Pictools.php.

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