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Pictools: Physpics Page Pieces
V3.3 (347)
Generates the row on a Physpics pages that has the page title and the logo for that page group
usage, in properties: page.toprow = /library/dirbar.php /library/titleandlogo.php

Displays a title bar looking like this:

title bar

Items across are a site logo, the page title, and either the page logo (property page.logo) or the logo for the tree (property tree.logo).  (However, most pages and trees use the page.logo as if it were the tree.logo.)

Out-of-the-box, the site logo is mine. You should change /library/titleandlog.php during site setup, or when you read this (whichever comes first:-)

(Close examination of the right edge of the background for Zwei will reveal that it is slightly darker. This compensates for an optical illusion.)

style classes
    maintitletable - class for whole rectangle
    Zweibieren - class for all segments of the ZweiBieren tri-color
    pagetitle - class for the title section in the middle
    mainlogotd - class for the TD containing the log

    page.maintitle - the title to display in the middle
    page.mainlogo - the logo for the right side
    page.mainlogo.link -  a destination for a click on the logo
    tree.logo  - alternate logo to display if there is no page logo
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