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Downloading IndexGofer is just one of the steps in preparation for crafting an index. See IndexGofer Guide for the several other steps that must be taken.

IndexGofer runs on Java version 1.8. To check, visit Is Java on Your Box?

Running IndexGofer is just six mouse clicks away.

  • Click one. Click this button
  • InstallIndexGofer.jar
  • Choose a folder for IndexGofer, perhaps subfolder apps/IndexGofer/ in your home directory. Move the downloaded file to the chosen directory.
  • Click 2, 3, and 4.Double click on the downloaded file. Click "OK" on the query that appears. This will install the files listed at the right. Copy the IndexGofer shortcut, icon, blue arrow into orange square, to a convenient folder.
  • Click 4 and 5. Double click the IndexGofer shortcut. IndexGofer will appear as below. All but the pink steps are rather brief. In the pink you are alternately honing the set of available index terms (TermsEdit) and choosing index terms for each page of your text (IndexEdit).
diagram of steps to make an index


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