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> Java > tools > ui > blox > downloads
by ZweiBieren Blox Downloads

The .jar file and javadoc for Blox are merged into those for all Physpics tools; they are available through the links at the left.

An additional download for Blox offers the Blox demos, and their sources:

After downloading, click the file to run the demos. (You must have a JRE-installed file association for .jar files.) You will see a window like the one at the right. Images below it show two of the demo windows. In a pinch, BloxDemoAndSrcs.jar will also serve as a .jar file for Blox.

Unpack the .jar with

jar xf BloxDemoAndSrcs.jar

to get files for both Blox and the tutorial. The expanded contents will include:

directory blox/tutorial/
Sources and class files for the tutorial demos
directory com/physpics/Java/tools/ui/blox/
Sources and class files for Blox itself
file bloxtutorial.html
The tutorial page
directory images/
Images for the tutorial page
file tutorialsrc.html
Concatenation of all sources for the tutorial demos
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