> Annals > 2006 > Korea > Aug2b
> Annals > 2006 > Korea > Aug2b
Aug 2 - Gyeongbok Palace and its Museum
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 The Palace Museum at Gyeongbokgung shows that the royals did not keep around plain old pots.  Their walls were decorated well. And so were their roofs. This lad is studying a chest once used to store herbs for medicinal purposes. I didn't imagine there were that many different herbs. The changing of the guard is done to the beat of drums.
 Out tour leader. The left diagram is all the buildings that used to ccupy the palace grounds. Now there are but a tenth--all restored. The Japanese burned everything in 1910. From the throne room--had the dynasty lived on--the king could survey a chunk of modern Seoul. The standing stones in the courtyard have numbers to indicate where each rank of officials was to stand. The throne room. The ceiling. The lake by the entertainment pavillion.
 Same lake, different mountain. This fellow wasn't sure about me or my camera. Sign for Cheonchujeon, the building where Sejong's team invented Hangul and made other innovations. King's office in Cheonchujeon. His mom was amusing herself by getting Mr. Bigfingers. to take her picture.
 Gargoyles guard the palace from evil spirits. A garden behind the queen's quarters. A National Folk Museum is part of the palace experience, but we never got there. Free take-your-picture guard costumes available and some people talk others into wearing them.
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