> Annals > 2006 > Korea > July1
> Annals > 2006 > Korea > July1
July 1 - Traditional Village, Shinsegae
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 Waiting for trip to traditional village. Waiting. (To pass the time, I took pictures.) Becky, the tour leader. Too much lunch on the village tour. The koi agitate for food.
 The park is a small shelter from busy city. Many birds enjoy the park.   Everyone wanted to have a picture with me.
 Its tough to avoid the Seoul Tower. Shutters for the cold days. The lord and his lady. To travel in style. Kimchi pots in the back of the house.
 Sometimes it's hard to see over the edge. Fred and Susan enjoying their visit to the park. The chimney is not high enough to draw well.  Reading a modern newspaper in an ancient house.
  More picture buddies.  Burial ground for the time capsule. A stream in the park...
 ...meanders over falls... ...and harbors wild birds. Gazebo overlooking pond. In Shingasae Department store.
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