> Annals > 2006 > Korea > July2
> Annals > 2006 > Korea > July2
July 2 - A visit to the DMZ
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 DMZ Visit. And Fred starts to learn the alphabet. North Korea. 3.2 km away. Map of the above.  Closest crossing is half a km. Rice cakes burst from this machine. Pow. Some enjoyed the random squirts more than others.
 Kites reach to heaven. An amusement park blunts the wait for the DMZ tour to start. Goods will cross from Gaeseong in the North. The station awaits only permission for trains. Old and new locomotives.
 Goods processing facilities will await trains, too.  Construction is well begun. Panmunjon in the distance. Trying to put the world together.  The world also fell apart on Semester At Sea. It was far easier to fix.
 Panmunjon is the rightmost white marker. South Korea watches. Here, the North is across the river.
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