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> Annals > 2006 > Korea > July19
July 19 - Korean Folk Village
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 "Korean Restaurant", where we had lunch.  All staff wore traditional costumes. Every meal comes with several side dishes (ban chan). Rice mill. Oxen pull the bar and the wheel rolls around, crushing the grains. Lunch in the well-off farmer's home. The next room is a through-hall.
 The whole building. She tips and pours a new bucket of water every six seconds, yet the jar never fills. Old and new kimchee making. A scribe at work in a room filled with pottery vessels. The potter smooths the edge of a bowl.
 Pots drying before being fired. As air moves up the oven, fires throughout warm it. High firing temperatures are achieved. Traditional roofs sometimes have traditional problems. Note vegetation. Entryway to the government buildings. Stove and cooking pots for government workers.
 Applying nail polish. Crushed roses petals are applied and wrapped until dry. I bought a set of go bowls.  "The Farmer's Dance." The full troupe. The whirling, twirling dancers.
 Judge's office. Sitting in judgement on a transgressor. He may be tied to the cross back upwards and flogged. Or he may be thrown in any of seveal kinds of irons. Locked in a cell.
 The whole jail. On a lighter note, the equestrian show was great. Jumping on and off a moving horse. Or just doing a handstand. Or making a tower.
 Why sit when standing is more fun? Some areas of Korea traditional carve tikis from lava. Other areas carve totems from stone. The closest I have seen to a baduk set outside the baduk club. This is part of a Confucian school.
 I took many pictures of this stream and its water sluices, but this was the only even mildly interesting one. Dolmen, such as this one, were common ancient prayer sites.  S with the greeters (and adieu-ers.) More apartments line the village's parking lot.
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