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> Annals > 2006 > Korea > July23
July 23 - Gyeongju National Museum; Hilton lunch
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 Buddhas and other statuary grace the entry lawn at the Gyeongju National Museum. These artifacts look like cane tips. S has been in need of a new one. The horses are belt buckles. Names of the parts of horse gear. On "Don Quixote." I bought a copy of "Don Quixote," national treasure #91. Chopsticks date back at least a thousand years.
 The weights are old, the net is modern. A caption tells us that these eggs in a horizontal jar were "in an iron cauldron at the bottom of funerary objects chest from Cheonmachong. ... In every tale about the establishment of Silla appears a hen or an egg. [This egg] represents both the birth of a new life and the resurrection." Dragon pot. Lots of pots.  Pot decorated with animals and perhaps two humans.
 Ash burial containers. Armor for horse and rider. Nicely displayed.  The Shilla Kingdom achieved high delicacy in its gold and gilded bronze work. A television showed what Anapji might have looked like in its original setting. Buddha ears and other bits recovered from Anapji Pond.
 A stove top constructed of pottery. Anapji Hall has this innovative--and yet treacherous--solution to combining steps and a wheelchair ramp. The pond preserved wood remarkably well. This piece is part of a typical Asian roof system built like a Calder stabile. Among the many ceramic roof tile ends are these reminescent of Pennsylvania Dutch. Sculpture, a lantern, and a pagoda displayed outside the Hall of Fine (Shilla) Arts.
  Trevor echoes the curve of the roof beam ending piece. The Hilton buffet chef is eager to please whe you want a serving, but disinterested in being part of a picture. Dessert. Ice cream was off on the side. Many enjoyed boating on Bomun lake, in front of the Hilton.
 Tiles we cycled over. Dozens of patterns are possible all with the one single basic tile.
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