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> Annals > 2006 > Korea > July9a
July 9 - Seoul Tour by bus
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 All the modern conveniences. Starbucks, Carl's, Baskin-Robbins.  Big buildings. The ad is TV screen technology. Quiet fountain in a park.  Busy shops. Sign reads something like Shan-chaung-ryong Mah-keh-sah New apartment buildings are rife.
 Not your typical variety store. Waiting for the bus. Old housing on the hillside up to Seoul Tower. Narrow street. Shop is Day-doh Yak Guk Wide street. Vertical sign is Tah-gek-dahng.
 From terrace of Seoul Tower. Old houses are the nearest. Apartments are in the opposite direction. This way to the USA. A view from Seoul Tower. In center is the "Traditional Village" we visited the first week. Time capsule in lower right. Downtown is North from tower. "Blue House" is center of left edge.
 Sprawl to the west.  Sprawl to the south and across the Han river. Sprawl to the East. Korea University is somewhere left of center. Pyongyang, North Korea, and Harbin, China are to the north. Ancient cairn along the trail to tower. A place for making wishes (or prayers).
 Seoul Tower and our tour bus. Near Shilla hotel were a hundred buses with meshed windows. Also many policemen. Dongdaemun Market. Busy Street. Huge department store. Dongdaemun. Busy merchants.
 Dongdaemun. Traditional market. Daehangno park. The rocks are plastic. Typical neighborhood map. Susan watches jugglers practicing in the park. A casting of a village. The writing is Chinese.
 A juggler checks the book. Making music, taping musician, sitting, talking, sleeping. Overhead gas pumps. At 1595/litre, gas is $6.30 per gallon.
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