> Annals > 2008 > Norway > May24
> Annals > 2008 > Norway > May24
May 24 - The Orkney Islands
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 Where we are going and how we will get there: the Polar Star in Bellsund, Svalbard Early our first morning aboard the Polar Star "Follow me to see the polar bears" Life boat davit in the dawn The foredeck and its two anchors
 Polar Star's bridge, as seen at dawn from the foredeck The lounge and lecture room Our cabin; two narrow beds flank the photog; porthole to the rear The expedition team: Hannah, Pierre, (a cook), Jane & Callum, Louise, Brigitte, Danny, and Doc Mark (Gary is busy elsewhere) Doc Mark, Leader Hannah, and mammologist/seal-counter Louise
 Hotel Manager Rita Checking for birds at dawn We were piped ashore at Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands Kirkwall extends not far from the harbor. Beyond it the Orkneys are flattish. A room and sleeping space dug into the earth at Skara Brae five millennia ago
 Skaill Manor as seen from Skara Brae A home at Skara Brae without out its earthen roof and walls. Hearth in the middle. Sleep area beyond. Other homes in the background. Modern reconstruction of a Skara Brae dwelling Ring of Brodgar. Sixty standing stones. Orkney Islands. Ring in silhouette
 Close-up of a stone. Sedimentary. Cathedral of St. Magnus, Kirkwall, Orkneys
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