> Annals > 2008 > Norway > May25
> Annals > 2008 > Norway > May25
May 25 - The Shetland Islands
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 Mousa Broch awaits a dawn visit via zodiac Sumburgh Head bird colonies near Lerwick, Shetland Islands Walls meeting at Sumburgh Head Nesting gull at Sumburgh Head Birds demonstrate illiteracy at Jarlshof; periodically inhabited for over 4000 years
 More recent stone residence seen past flowers at Jarlshof More birds at Jarlshof Rooms at Jarlshof were partitioned with wall segments radiating from the walls toward the center. They also served to hold up the walls. Ancient form of mortar and pestle for grinding the hard ancient grains Airplanes have the right-of-way at this intersection in Lerwick
 Scatness is undergoing digging and restoration. Here an interpretive guide explains a room-divider pier. Rocks fractured in place at Scatness Vagabond leaving his hovel at Scatness, Shetland Islands Keeping the lines ship-shape while casting off at Lerwick, Shetlands
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