> Annals > 2008 > Norway > May31
> Annals > 2008 > Norway > May31
May 31 - Lofoten Islands
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 ┼, southern most town in the Lofotens island chain The major industry in ┼ is the catching and drying of cod Cod specimen front and center at the Cod Museum in ┼ A lecture on cod at the Cod Museum in ┼ Reine, voted most scenic spot in Europe
 Us at Reine, Norway More Reine A Lofoten mountain shot from inside an unused cod drying rack One of the many newly minted bridges connecting the Lofoten Islands Stranded ship's propeller at the Sund museum/tourist trap
 The museum at Sund Whale guarding the pier at Sund The smithy at Sund David Storrie admiring fishing gear at Sund View across the beach at Flakstad°ya
 Bird enjoying the sea spray on the beach at Flakstad°ya Massive logo for reconstructed longhouse at Borg on Vetvňg°y The longhouse at Borg; everyone in the village lived inside Weaving demonstration inside the longhouse at Borg The game hnefatafl on display at Borg
 A guide challenging another group to toss the javelin Horses galloping around their enclosure An art work of which it can be truly said that each viewer sees a bit of themselves in the work Church on the Lofoten Islands We enter Troll Fjord; about half the width of the smallest channels the captain usually sails
 The guides on a zodiac shoot us as we shoot the waterfalls in Troll Fjord The guides zipping out of Troll Fjord to shoot us as the ship emerges Trolls are frozen in the rocks; this one is mooning us Enjoying the view of Troll Fjord The Norwegian sea in a brooding mood
 A bridge in the sunset welcomes us to Troms°
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