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> pictools > doc > beginpage
Pictools: Physpics Page Pieces
V3.3 (445)
Included near the beginning of PhyspicsMain
usage, in PhyspicsMain:
include_once $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/scripts/beginpage.php";

Inclusion of this script is one of the first steps in the PhyspicsMain template. Thus page startup for all pages can be adjusted by changing only this script.

These tasks are performed:

    PHP-include SiteProps.php.

    Set the author meta-content to property "manager.name".

    Initiates sending debug information to the debuglog window if the admin cookie is set.

    Set the HTML <Base>. Usually this is the page's URL. But if URL begins with "/new" and the user is the administrator, the base is the same directory, but without the "/new"..

    PHP-include forPhyspics.php.

    PHP-include localdefs.php. This file does not usually exist. If a directory needs php startup code in all its .php pages, localdefs.php is the place for it.

    /scripts.js is included. It defines Javascript functions, in particular those for dirbar.php.

    Sets a default title for the page if none is given in the Pictools.properties file. (And defining it in the properties file is a bad idea because then all pages in a directory would have the same title.)

    Prefetches the images listed in property "prefetch.identitymarks".

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