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by ZweiBieren What is "Faith"? pens in a mug

A religion is a group of churches, often with a central administrative organ that provides materials to support the chruches and their members. People join churces because the world is a scary place. We never know when fire, flood, wind, or earthquake will overwhelm us. We never know when others will seek to harm, coerce, or deprive us. The church is a group larger than the family and smaller than the community. Church members implicitly promise to help each other after help their own families and before helping larger communities.

Usually a church includes among its beliefs at least one entirely bogus belief; a belief in something that is certainly not true. This is called faith. In practice, it serves to distinguish members from those who are not. Then a member can offer aid preferentially to those who share their belief. Precisely because members know their faith to be ridiculous they are most upset by others calling that faith into question.

examples of impossible beliefs

practice of faith can lead to credulousness

faith can be abused


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how one ought to deal with challenges to one's faith

what we are entitled to believe because they cannot be proven false

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